How To Have Clear Skin All Summer Long

It’s hot, it’s humid, and your supposedly clear skin looks like a glowing ball of light. It’s just not fun. The summer brings out the worst in people’s skin. How To Keep Your Skin Clear Naturally seems to be the question in everyone’s mind. It is because of how close the sun becomes the earth during the summertime. And during the summer it’s hard to have clear skin. Fear not! I know how to have clear skin all summer long without the normal stress you always have. All these tips that I will tell you are also low budget so you have reason to not follow them.

The first way is to wear hats when you are in the sun. I would say that this is the first step in how to have clear skin. And sun hats are fashionable. Yes, older people wear them because they have learned that the sun can damage their faces if they aren’t wearing a nice wide hat. Look for a hat that covers all the angles of your face. You do not want to wear only a cap. Because caps do not protect your face, caps protect your eyes.  The best place to find a sun hat is at the beach. There are tons of different kinds. Places that get a lot of sun will have vendors that sell hats. But you can also find some older more classic looking sun hats at vintage stores along with thrift stores. For me personally, I have a larger head and most hats don’t fit me, so I just crochet my own sun hat instead. If you know how to crochet or knit or even sew that might be a great option for you also.

The second step on how to have clean skin all summer long is to stay hydrated! So many people will tell you to drink energy drinks over water as part of your Clear Skin Diet, but the truth is those energy drinks are full of sugars and sugar brings oil back into your skin. Instead, drink water. Try to stick with drinking 3 or 4 8oz cups of water each day (you should be drinking about 6 to 8 glasses of water daily though).

The third step on how to have clear skin all summer long is cocoa butter mixed with a strong sunscreen. Not many people know about this secret. But since I live in California it’s a common tip that friends share with friends. The idea is that you take 1 part cocoa butter and mix it with 2 parts sunscreen. Sunscreen is not supposed to be used on your face. But if you add a lotion that is made for your face the sunscreen will protect your skin and give you clear skin all summer long. This also works for your whole body and it is one of the best clear skin tips you’ll ever hear. Because we all know that sunscreen can be hard to put on since it is very thick, coco butter thins it down. If you have sensitive skin, use baby sunscreen and mix it with the cocoa butter. This will give you clear skin without the worry of breaking out from the sunscreen.

When I get asked how to have clear skin all summer long, I say that you only need to do three simple things. Cover up your whole face with a hat, drink lots of water and also wear a mixture of sunscreen and cocoa butter on your face. Clear skin is easy to come by but taking care of it can be the difficult part. Stick to these tips and you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

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