Best Foundation for Heat and Humidity – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Summer weather or generally humid weather is a disaster for makeup and skin. Face makeup that doesn’t withstand heat or humidity can leave you with patches of flawless coverage and gaping hopes of bare skin. We’ve brought together the seven best foundations so you can take on the heat without worrying about touching up your look throughout the day!

Who Needs Foundation that Caters Towards Heat and Humidity?

Best Foundation for Heat and Humidity - Reviews and Buyer's GuideBelieve it or not, but most of the country experiences either extreme heat where summers temperatures regularly reach the triple digits. Then you have regions of the U.S. and many other areas of the world that are humid all year round.

Using Humidity-Proof Foundations for Other Purposes

Ideally, your foundation should never bleed or streak its way down your face, but that’s not the case. If you’re out dancing, hitting the gym in the middle of the day or going to be spending a lot of time outside you probably expect to have makeup mishaps. The thing is, you don’t need it. Foundation which caters towards humidity is often sweatproof and will hold up to other natural elements better than typical foundation too.

Quick Comparison Chart

Product NameCoverageHumidity ProofSweat ProofAll-Day Wear 
Urban Decay Naked Skin
(Editor’s Choice)
Moderate CoverageYes YesNo Check Price
Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer
No Coverage
YesYesYes Check Price
Maybelline SuperStay StickFull CoverageYesYesYes Check Price
Maybelline SuperStay StickFull CoverageYesYesYes Check Price
Physicians Formula Spotlight PrimerLight CoverageYesYesNo Check Price
Light Illusion FoundationLight CoverageYesYesNo Check Price
Cover FX Blurring PrimerNo CoverageYesYesYes Check Price

1. Naked Skin One and Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector – Daily Lightweight Humidity-Proof Foundation

Naked Skin One and Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector ReviewFrom Urban Decay a top brand name in makeup is One and Done a complexion-perfecting foundation that offers lightweight coverage. Unlike other humidity-proof options Naked Skin One and Done is genuinely thin and almost full coverage. It blends equal parts moisturizer, complexion-correcting cream, and coverage.

Concerns for Naked Skin One and Done

The issues that come up repeatedly with Urban Decay’s lightweight foundation for humidity is that it doesn’t offer long-lasting or full coverage. This foundation is great to get you through your workday but don’t plan on wearing it for more than a few hours. The idea behind the One and Done formula is to improve your skin’s health, increase your skin’s brightness and reduce your need for full coverage foundation.


If you’re looking to eliminate or reduce the need for heavy makeup and live in a humid area, Naked Skin One and Done deserves your consideration. But if you’re a full face type of makeup enthusiast, then you probably won’t get much use out of this Urban Decay product.

  • Lightweight coverage
  • Moisturizes and nourishes
  • Works to brighten skin
  • Uses natural ingredients to firm and tone skin
  • Not full coverage
  • Only lasts for a few hours

2. Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer – A Game-Changing Primer for Dry Skin

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer ReviewNothing can help your makeup withstand extreme conditions including heat and humidity better than a high-quality primer. Too Faced is a leading name in cosmetics and a favorite among beauty bloggers despite their reputation for making outlandish public statements.

Why? Because their products are top of the line. The Hangover Replenishing Face Primer is no exception. It’s a little package that delivers a large punch. A little bit of this product goes a long way, and it can help nearly any foundation hold up for hours even through sweat and humidity.

Concerns for Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

Most primers have a slightly oily feel that is semblance to Aquafor or Vaseline, but this primer is creamy. It is much closer to a lotion than any other primer. Too Faced markets the lotion-like qualities as the primary selling point, and apparently the product works wonders. Still many call into question the texture of the primer or blatantly dislike the feel.


If you regularly use primer and still experience foundation streaks or bleeding, then it is time to switch! Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer is best for people with dry skin in humid conditions that need their foundation to last for hours through mild sweating. This option is a solution for many people who don’t want to change foundations but struggle with keeping full coverage all day.

  • Ensures that foundation sticks for hours
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Excellent for sensitive skin
  • Use without foundation for a natural dewy look
  • The texture feels unpleasant to some people
  • Not for oily or combination skin types

3. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation – Drugstore Makeup that Beats Out Top Brands

L'Oreal Paris Makeup Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation ReviewL’Oreal isn’t usually mentioned with brands such as Too Faced or Urban Decay, but the Infallible foundation is the drugstore solution to hot and humid environments. The pro-matte foundation stays matte, and it remains in place all day.

Without needing touchups, you can wear this foundation through your workday, to a dinner date and still have excellent coverage when you show up for a late night gym session. Not to mention that L’Oreal has one of the biggest selections in skin tone available.

Issues with L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

The only complaint that comes up is that you must apply the product quickly. The foundation begins mattifying immediately upon contact with the skin. Some solutions to this problem include applying the foundation onto a brush rather than your skin or to work in sections of your face rather than applying in streaks and then blending.


For oily or combination skin, this foundation is excellent and can hold up through humidity, high temperatures, and sweat. The foundation stays matte and offers full coverage with very little product. Those who experience regular breakouts, red spots, or have uneven skin tone can rely on this foundation to keep their skin struggles secret throughout the day.

  • Full coverage
  • A little product covers a lot of skin
  • Matte formula
  • Humidity resistant
  • Dries almost too quickly for proper application
  • Not for dry skin

4. Maybelline SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick – The Foundation Stick that Outlasted its Makeup Trend

 Maybelline SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick ReviewFoundation sticks came and went like choker necklaces and velvet scrunchies, but this foundation stick is still around! Maybelline has given the world a multi-use foundation stick that stays in place through the gym, through work, through your prom, and more.

The thing with the SuperStay stick is that it doesn’t come off without makeup remover. Great for humidity and heat, but maybe not great for your complexion.

Issues with the Maybelline SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick

The stick doesn’t feel cakey or heavy but, deep down, this foundation stick creates like a barrier on top of itself as it sets so that humidity doesn’t move this foundation by even a centimeter. Unfortunately because it feels great and has such wonderful coverage, it’s easy to make this your go-to foundation, and if you’re using it day, after day you’re not letting your skin breathe.


It doesn’t matter if you have dry, or oily skin, and it doesn’t matter if you have flawless skin or a struggle with your complexion, this makeup stick offers amazing full coverage for hours. Because of its formula however you don’t want to use this foundation every day. It’s great for when you have events you want to look extra amazing for, or for those days where you don’t have time to touch up between work and dinner plans.

  • Unbeatable coverage
  • Stick form is easy to apply and use
  • Sits right between matte and dewy for a natural finish
  • Humidity and sweat proof
  • Doesn’t let your skin breathe which can lead to breakouts with daily use

5. Physicians Formula Spotlight Illuminating Primer Glow – The Primer that Doesn’t Need Foundation

 Physicians Formula Spotlight Illuminating ReviewA 1-ounce bottle that hosts illuminating primer that blurs imperfections enriches the skin with moisture and antioxidants and reduces redness. Although this primer comes in one “tone”, it works as a full face solution for heat or humidity.

If you’re generally happy with your complexion, then you can use this primer without foundation at all. The Spotlight formula has some filtering luminescent pearls which vary in matching your skin tone by one or two shades lighter or darker for a skin smoothing effect.

Issues with Physicians Formula Spotlight Illuminating Primer Glow

If you have dehydrated skin in patches, or in other words, eczema, you should probably stay away from this primer. Because Physicians Formula relies on natural ingredients that almost immediately soak into the skin, dry or patchy skin might not allow it to work as well as a primer. These concerns are regular among primers, so if you’re struggling with dry uneven skin opt for a creamier primer rather than something as lightweight as Physicians Formula.


If you are confident with your complexion or have rare breakouts, use this primer as a foundation! The illumination is excellent for brightening up your skin while keeping a very natural look. There are not full coverage options, but the one “tone” available does blend into any skin shade if you chose to use this primer, as a primer, allow it a few moments to sit and soak into your skin before applying foundation.

  • Soaks into the skin rather than sitting on top.
  • Illuminates with natural ingredients
  • Lightweight
  • Not good for dry or patchy skin
  • Not sweatproof
  • Typically not suitable for all-day wear

6. Light Illusion Foundation – The Solution for Outdoor Beauty Gurus

 Light Illusion Foundation ReviewFlower Beauty provides a lightweight formula that has SPF 18, and a natural feel. But more importantly, this foundation blends seamlessly making it perfect for a full face of makeup. The easy to blend formula covers most imperfections and helps even the skin tone with a moderate amount of coverage. It is not a full coverage foundation.

However, it is both sweat proof and humidity proof. If you need full coverage from the Light Illusion Foundation, you can build up coverage with multiple layers of an application. Apply the first layer and let it set, then apply another. Some foundation users don’t like building coverage because it can feel like the makeup is cakey.

Issues and Concerns

Full coverage shouldn’t be too unreasonable to ask for as Flower Beauty has other full-coverage foundations. Additionally, it’s formula is far from natural making it even more frustrating that it’s not full coverage. For the best results you need a primer which isn’t the worst thing, but typically with high-quality foundation primer is an option rather than a requirement.


If you’re experimenting with foundations in humid or hot weather, Light Illusion is worth a try. However, if you already have your beauty routine down and expect full coverage from a foundation, you might want to move on from this option. Light Illusion would work well for people with clear complexions that want light coverage that evens out the skin tone with some sunscreen in the mix.

  • SPF 18
  • Humidity proof
  • Sweat proof
  • Needs a primer
  • You must build coverage through multiple applications

7. Cover FX Blurring Primer – Creates a Completely Smooth Canvas

Cover FX Blurring Primer ReviewHalf the time the struggle with keeping foundation on during hot weather is that your skin naturally has its own issues that disrupt where your foundation sticks and where it doesn’t.

Cover FX Blurring Primer does more than just blur mild skin problems. The formula works to calm the skin down, and smooth the entire face making it easier for your foundation to grab hold and stay in place throughout the day.

Concerns with Cover FX Blurring Primer

This primer does exactly what you would want from any priming product. It blurs, it smooths, and it helps you achieve an airbrushed effect. The only concern is that because it has an oil base, it’s not great for skin that’s prone to breakouts as it can irritate your skin further.


Absolutely recommend because this primer helps your foundation stay in place regardless of humidity, heat or sweat. Although it’s not for everyone especially if you have skin that can break out quickly, it’s worth trying the product.

  • Excellent priming properties
  • Helps create an airbrushed look
  • Sweat and humidity proof
  • Not suitable for wear without a foundation
  • Not good for skin that is prone to breakouts

Best Foundation for Heat and Humidity – Buyers Guide

The recommendations here cater to a wide variety of skin types and even different beauty routines. Through answering some of the most common questions about foundation and finding a good foundation for hot climates you can decide which foundation is right for you.

Sweat Proof v. Humidity Proof v. Waterproof

Best Foundation for Heat and Humidity - Reviews and Buyer's GuideThere is a massive difference between sweat proof and humidity proof, while waterproof is in a category all on its own. Sweat reasonable comes from your pores, and because most people sweat closer to their hairline, hot climates will often lead to streaked faces because of sweat.

Humidity, however, is water in the air that attacks your face and can ravage your makeup. Humidity proof makeup usually creates a layer on the outside to protect itself from humidity. Sweat-proof makeup creates a layer beneath the makeup, similar to a primer to protect it from sweat.

A waterproof foundation is a beast all on its own and usually only comes into play when you’re at the pool or beach and taking photos. Invest in a waterproof foundation if you must, but know that many sweat proof and humidity proof options are of equal value.

Choosing the Right Coverage

Best Foundation for Heat and Humidity - Reviews and Buyer's GuideUsually, when people start a beauty routine, they’re looking for moderate to full coverage because they want flawless looking skin and that happens in nature only on infrequent occasions. The right amount of coverage will likely from two or three products though; no single foundation can offer flawless skin right out of the bottle.

Most beauty routines call for primer, foundation and powder. But, that’s not saying that your everyday look needs all three many work-wear or everyday makeup routines can just rely on slightly pigmented primer or complexion correction cream. Choose the coverage that feels right for you, and supplement for fuller or lighter weight coverage as necessary.

What Does Primer Even Do?

Primer acts as the foundation for your foundation, and while that might seem like overkill, it’s not. Primer prepares your skin to grab onto makeup and keep it in place so if you realize that you’re sweating off the makeup under your eyes and across your forehead, a little bit of primer can help solve that problem. Because primer just prepares your skin, you don’t need to use as much product as you do with foundation.


Depending on your skin type and coverage expectations you can use either a primer or a full coverage foundation to achieve flawless skin through your entire day regardless of the weather outside! Hot and humid climates shouldn’t mean that you can’t wear foundation, and these brands have worked hard to ensure that you have foundation options.

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