How to Choose a Korean Toner for Your Skin Type

When it comes to caring for your skin, having a deep understanding of it is an important step. Although some products work for others, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work the same way for you. Harsh cleansers and treatments may cause your skin to produce more oil than needed. Likewise, thick moisturizers may cause drier skin due to a decrease in oil production.

Being able to identify what type of skin you have allows you to choose products that help you balance it out, therefore, resulting in a healthier complexion. Even when each person has unique skin, there are three common skin types (namely oily, normal or combination, and dry) that can help you determine which description fits you the most.

Here are a few methods you can try to figure out your skin type:

Bare-Face Method

Bare skin is a simple way to determine skin type. This method starts with cleansing the face with a mild facial cleanser, followed by gently patting the face with a towel to dry. To make this effective, you are required to keep your face bare. After around 25 to 30 minutes, take the time to observe your skin closely.

Shining on the cheeks and t-zone area indicates you have oily skin. On the other hand, tightness and flakiness mean you have dry skin. Signs of both simply mean you have normal or combination skin.
how to determine your Skin Type

Blotting Sheet Method

Using blotting sheets is a quick way to differentiate oily from dry skin. Simply take a clean blotting sheet and gently press it onto various areas of the face. Take note that your skin doesn’t have to be cleaned beforehand.Hold up the sheet against the light to see how much oil has been absorbed.

If the oil is very visible, it obviously means you have oily skin. Little to no oil means you have dry skin, and minimal oil in certain areas of the face means you have combination skin.
If these aren’t enough, you can simply make an appointment with a skincare expert for a more in-depth evaluation of your skin.

best korean toners for all skin typesAfter identifying your skin type, you can choose your products based on how much your skin needs. There are a lot of Korean Toners available that cater to these specific requests.

Those with oily skin are recommended to use toners that help lessen the shine on their faces or make their face look more matte. This is different from using something that dries out the skin since it could lead to even more oil production.

The Korean toners that have moisturizing effects are good for those dry skin. Other than deep cleansing, it allows the skin to get more hydration to keep it balanced.

Those with combination skin don’t exactly need to use two separate toners for each different area. Any toner would be fine, as long as they keep track of the amount of toner they use. Dry areas should get more than that of the oily parts.

You should know exactly what your skin needs in order to keep it in its best shape. While it helps to consider different tips and tricks that are said to be good for your skin, keep in mind that it’s also important to know whether or not your skin needs it. Too much of something can damage it, therefore cause even more problems that should be fixed.

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