Best Waterproof Powder For Swimming – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Waterproof Powder For Swimming - Reviews and Buyer's GuideAlthough some beauticians will advise you against wearing makeup to the pool, sometimes you just want to. There is no shame in wearing a makeup when going swimming. In fact, it is a complete confidence booster.

Nonetheless, before deciding the kind of makeup to apply, it is crucial that you choose the best and the right makeup for the pool. This is because while swimming, you might experience a makeup wash-down by the chlorinated water as well as sweat if you fail to wear the right kind.

To avoid this, it is important to reach out for the powder products that are waterproof or durable even when in contact with water. With this, your makeup will stay on your face the entire swimming session and not be all over your towel.

So, what kind of waterproof powder for swimming should you go for? In this article, we review 3 of the best waterproof powders for swimming as well as the things to consider when buying your best waterproof powder for swimming.

Comparison Table

Catrice Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder waterproof
(Editor’s Choice)
Light SkinsTranslucent4-5 hours Check Price
Maybelline Super Stay
All SkinsSand, Nude & Ivory24-hours Check Price
Essence |All About Matt! Fixing Compact PowderAll SkinsTransparent24-hours Check Price

3 Best Waterproof Powder for Swimming

1. Catrice Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof – Best Overall Waterproof Powder for Swimming

Best Waterproof Powder For Swimming - Reviews and Buyer's GuideCatrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder waterproof has proven that the best waterproof powder for swimming doesn’t need to be expensive. Even though cheap waterproof powder can be messy at times, this product from Catrice is one of its kind.

The powder comes in a basic thin plastic packaging that is compact for easy carrying. It is accompanied by a well-sized mirror in the lid. There is no brush hence this powder is travel-friendly and easy to store. Its name is stylishly printed in a shiny silver print that is quite appealing.

What makes Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof? This product is designed to be translucent and feels silky and mattifying on your facial skin for hours. Moreover, it is finely milled and once applied; your make up can effectively withstand humidity. Its soft filter makes sure that you have a visibly flawless complexion. What’s more, it is enriched with vitamin E and A to provide a healthy complexion.

Whereas some waterproof powders for swimming come with different shades from what they are named, this one is translucent just as it is named. Nonetheless, its shade is overly white. As such, if you are a bit dark skinned, you might want to check on the amount you apply. This is because it might leave some white casts. If yours is a pale skin, the powder might go unnoticed.

Once you apply the powder on your face, you can use a tapered face brush to dust away the excess powder to attain a smooth looking face. This powder can last long enough, thus allowing you to spend more time at the pool. It can last as long as 4 to 5 hours before it starts to wear off.

Overall, Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder Waterproof is a great product that is affordable and useful if you want your face excellently done before rushing to the pool.
  • It is affordable
  • It is translucent as advertised
  • It can be applied on different skin tones
  • Not perfect for dark skin
  • It is light colored

2. Maybelline Super Stay – Best Priced Waterproof Powder for Swimming

Best Waterproof Powder For Swimming - Reviews and Buyer's GuideIf you are looking for a 24-hour waterproof powder for swimming at an affordable cost, then Maybelline Super Stay offers you exactly what you want whenever you go swimming. This full coverage foundation makeup delivers a flawless finish that does not fade all day long.

As a 24-hour waterproof face powder for swimming, it features Microflex formula that contains silicon-coated pigments. Moreover, its triple amino acids effectively combine with other elements to work effectively to resist water, oil, and sweat, thus giving you a durable matte finish.

What’s more, this powder features a soft and silky texture that blends effectively with your skin. This powder also provides a smooth and even coverage to your face whether it is set as a foundation or over a concealer. The powder can be applied whenever you attend your swimming occasions. It is designed in three shades of sand, nude, and ivory. Its manufacturing is also cruelty-free.

For the best result, first exfoliate and moisturize your skin before you apply. You can then lightly pat it over your face using an applicator. Don’t pat too much powder onto the dry spots. In most cases, it comes with a good sponge that can be great for building coverage as well as providing an entire matte finish. However, when applying with a kabuki brush, you will attain a lighter coverage with an even more natural finish. More importantly, you can use this powder with or without a foundation.

Overall, this is a great waterproof powder for swimming that comes in a very compact packaging for easy carrying around on a daily basis. It can be used on a normal, oily, or combination skin. The drawback of this product, however, is that it does not contain a sunscreen element.
  • It is easy to apply
  • It comes with excellent packaging
  • It is very affordable
  • It can be used with or without foundation
  • It contains some silicone elements

3. Essence| All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder – Best Waterproof Powder for All Skin Tines and Types

Best Waterproof Powder For Swimming - Reviews and Buyer's GuideIf you are looking for a waterproof powder that offers you a perfect lightweight and a matte complexion, Essence| All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder is your best option. To get this product to your beauty cabinet, you won’t break a bank because it comes at a very affordable price.

Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder features cruelty-free ingredients that are not harmful to your skin. These ingredients include talc, octylododecyl stearoyl stearate, Dimethicone, Mica, among others. This is a micro-fined powder that sits your makeup into place while smoothening and mattifying your skin for a natural and flawless complexion.

It comes in a rose shade that is perfect for all skin tones and types because it effectively creates a healthy natural glow. Moreover, it is truly transparent and compact, which makes it easy to adapt to all skin tones.

This powder doesn’t feature any sponge or brush to use during application, which is a major inconvenience for users of this product. Nonetheless, you can apply it lightly with a fluffy brush to achieve a smooth and flawless look on your face. Once you apply the powder, there is no need to reapply again when you want to go back to another swimming session. This is because it can last throughout the day. In fact, we found this affordable waterproof powder the best for swimming.

Overall, this low-priced powder is perfect to use because it comes in a compactly designed packaging that is easy to throw in your handbag or pocket when going out for a swim.
  • It is cruelty-free
  • It gives a natural complexion
  • It is perfect for all skin types and tones
  • It does not come with applicators

Things to Look out Before Using Waterproof Powder for Swimming

Before writing this review, we sought the counsel of experienced beauty experts from popular makeup brands in order to learn what to look out for in a waterproof powder, the ingredients to stay away from, as well as how to remove the powder from your skin safely.

Best Waterproof Powder For Swimming - Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Does it have enough pigment?

If a waterproof makeup is not pigmented enough, it won’t be effective at covering your scars as well as maintaining your beauty while swimming. If it requires additional layers for it to work effectively, then chances are that it is not going to stick well to give that natural look you want. Moreover, it should be able to dry well so that it doesn’t rub off after you dive into the pool.

Does it need a setting spray?

The best waterproof for swimming doesn’t need a foundational spray. Additional products like a setting spray only add more time to the application process and the cost while not offering any benefit or making the makeup waterproof.

Which colors does it come with for a perfect match?

One of the difficulties of settling for the best waterproof powder for swimming is the color matching. The color of the waterproof powder you intend to choose has to match with the color of your skin and scars perfectly for it to bring out your natural look. The sure way to get the best waterproof powder is to choose one that is blended with several colors.

Use water resistant powder before using waterproof powder

Before you start using a waterproof powder for swimming, it is not advisable to go straight to using any kind of waterproof powder. Water resistant makeup will just do fine if you are worried about sweating and want the makeup to stay on for a while when swimming. If you want a long lasting makeup, however, then waterproof powder for swimming is the right product to use.

Keep off silicone makeup

Waterproof powders are manufactured from special ingredients that block out water. These ingredients include vegetable derived and animal based waxes, polymers, as well as solvents. To make the products effective and safe to use, the beauty industry has taken significant strides in weeding out makeup products that are harmful to human skin. Nonetheless, some companies still blend silicone ingredients in the manufacture of powder products, which might cause skin breakouts, irritation, and initiate allergic reactions. As such, it is important to make sure you do not buy any waterproof powder with silicone as the main ingredient.

Look for polymers such as Isododecan and Acrylates Copolymer

Best Waterproof Powder For Swimming - Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Polymers are film-forming molecules that enhance the powder products’ durability. When the molecule evaporates, it offers waterproof capabilities that the powder needs. Polymers are safe ingredients that are used to make makeup. Once they evaporate, they leave your skin resistant to water as well as oil. Polymers such as Isododecan and Acrylates Copolymer are well-known for their waterproof abilities that are safe to your skin.

Tips to Know Before using Waterproof Powder for Swimming

Invest in an efficient powder remover

In most cases, waterproof powder and makeup need effective removal products. A waterproof powder is quite heavy and stubborn to get rid of once applied. In fact, it is almost like a stain and if wrong removers are used, you will remain with powder remnants that will eventually clog your skin, thus preventing its breathability. As such, it is advisable that you invest in heavy and oil-free makeup removers that are specific to waterproof beauty products.

Avoid wearing waterproof powders every day

Waterproof powder does a nice job on a swimming day and is not meant for everyday application to keep out the sweat. As such, it is not recommended to use waterproof powder on a daily basis.


If you are after the best waterproof powder for swimming, then look no further than the three products that we have reviewed above. Essentially, these affordable brands come with amazing quality that rivals high-end powders available in the market. At a low price, you can have a matte, smooth, and flawless look that will last all day long at the swimming pool.

You can also try to find your best waterproof powder by following the tips we have provided in the buyer’s guide. Moreover, you can keep it here for more reviews on other related products that will be available soon.

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